Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド, Yorumungando) is the captain of the royal guard and a close friend of Leonhart.




Jormungand was originally a commoner from a small country who worked his way up and now is one of the few soldiers trusted by his majesty, Leonhart, according to Clops. There has also been interactions between Jormungand and Princess Amit, present and past.The first meeting between Amit and Jormungand happened when His Majesty went to go visit Murga/Mulga when young Amit was pushed aside by either her sister or another princess. When Amit was hurt on her knee, Jormungand gave Amit his scarf and tied it around the bruise which was soon returned to him later on in volume 2, but during the time when he gave Amit his scarf, was the time when he was merely a soldier in the royal guard but is now the captain of the royal guard according to Amit. Jormungand also pulled Princess Amit away from Sir Joz, the Ichthyans’ general who asked a uncomfortable Amit to a dance and marriage proposal. Volume 6 is also when Jormungand receives a thousand night amulet of Murga from Amit.








“The royal guard...Are those who by the King’s will, Protect the land. Every scrap of clothing I wear and every drop of blood in my veins... Belongs to the people of this nation.” Jormungand, volume 2, chapter 6


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  • In Volume 4, he is in his mid-twenties (Human years), he is about 2 meters (6'6") tall. He dislikes sloppy, half-done things. He likes apples.
  • Jormungand is the crush of Princess Amit of Murga


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